Little by little, progress is being made toward a more updated look in my bathroom! It started with my faux fur vanity stool makeover, and now I’ve switched up my large gold frame with a little hand-lettered art…

Here’s how I styled this frame a while back…

With the hand-lettering craze that I’ve been loving, I decided to try my hand at my own version. So, using some watercolor paper, some gold metallic paint, and a small flat brush, I got to work.

After a few drafts, I came up with a less-than-perfect, yet just right, “happily ever after”. By the way, if you think your handwriting isn’t good enough for this, give it a try anyway! You might really like how it turns out. Plus, it’s good therapy to smear a little paint on some paper once in a while. Perfection is not the goal, creativity is.

Next, I cut a scrap piece of foam board to fit the frame, and covered it in a navy and white striped wrapping paper.

My original plan was to mat the lettering and then mount it to the striped background like I did with this piece for my Master Bedroom. But, I realized later that the mat would cover too much of the stripes, so I went with Plan B!

So, I simply mounted the paper to four pieces of foam board at the corners.

Then, I used a scrap piece of that faux upholstery tacking I used for this lamp, cut off 4 of the “tacks”, and glued them to the corners to finish it!

I’m thinking I’ll hang it on the wall later, but for now, there it is, living happily ever after. This was a simple project that was pretty much freebecause I already had the supplies. And there are so manypossibilitiesand variations you could do with this. Ready togive it a try?