Even if God had never included #5 in His list of Ten Commandments, I’d still have reason enough to talk about my parents every time the opportunity presented itself.

And even if I hadn’t been born into their family, and raised in their house, I’d still think they were the two most Christ-like and well-loved people I know.

But, since these things are so, and this is my blog, I can’t help but write a few words about a very special milestone in their lives.

Over the weekend, we celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the day my dad became the pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Jefferson City, Tennessee.

We celebrated all week-end with hundreds of people who know and love my parents. Our sweet friends at Faith hosted a wonderful reception, and there were songs sung, words spoken, and tears shed (mostly by me), all in their honor.

Chances are, you’ve never heard of my parents. They’re not rich, nor famous, nor have they written books or had buildings named in their honor. And yet their influence has reached deeper than anyone I’ve ever known. First, in the lives of the three of us behind them here…

And through the years, in the lives of those with them here…

And then farther and farther into the lives of virtually every person that has ever met them. They are great people. But that’s not the power behind that influence. It’s the fact that Christ lives in them and they live Christ every. single. day. It’s that grace flows out of them and feels so authentic that when you’ve been with them, you feel like you’ve been with Jesus. These aren’t just my words. It’s how all kinds of different people describe them all the time.

But, since I’m the one with the privilege of writing here, I’ll speak for the masses. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for your influence. When I “grow up”, I hope I’m just like you, because you’re just like Christ.

If you’d like to get to know my dad through messages from the Bible that will point you to Christ, click here to visit their site.