And now for the continuing story of the mud room…

Instead of getting treated like a tired old maid who was constantly being bogged down with all my kids’ junk, I thought I’d rescue the old mud room. Give it a new personality. One that was a little more dignified. Like a distinguished English butler, ready to welcome our guests. And so I came up with this…

I even gave it face to match its personality. (Mustache and Monocle Pillow how-to coming soon.)

My design plan started with the paint color–this is Calypso Blue by Benjamin Moore, and it really causes you to take notice of this small room. The lack of natural light made it a hard color to photograph, but take my word for it–it’s the perfect shade of peacock. It’s also one of Ashley and Jamin’s favorite paint colors listed in their new EBook, Handmade Walls. If you haven’t downloaded your copy yet, what areyou waiting for? Click on the button in my sidebar to get yours!

A black and white houndstooth (found at Hobby Lobby) seemed like the perfect fabric for the bench cushion, and the gold velvet pillows from Pier 1 help give it the distinguished English butler air.

The small mirror and key were both from Hobby Lobby on 50% off week, so I got them for $7 or $8 each. After a light spray-over with Krylon’s Gold Foil spray, they were up on the wall.

The old cabinet hardware was not much of a contrast with the wood, so I switched those out with these awesome ceramic and brass ones, also from Hobby Lobby. (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE that place?)

And for a little something extra, I added black vinyl numbers. Be still my heart. It really is the little things…

And for more interest, we switched out our can lights for a couple Ottava pendants from Ikea using a recessed light converter kit from Home Depot. Both HD and Lowes carry these kits in the stores, but they’re made for different types of recessed lights, so check them out first. We ended up having to order this one online.

I’m really happy with the new personality of the room. Even though it’s small, it’s the perfect space for guests to hang their coats and bags. And since we’re hosting 22 people for Thanksgiving, it will definitely be put to good use next week.

So, good-bye, poor tired old maid. You may go rest in peace and let the kids’ new lockers deal with all their stuff.

The butler has taken over in the mud room and has everything under control. I think I’ll name him Mr. Carson. We could use a Mr. Carson around here.

Hope you like this little update! I’m sharing it with a few of these friends.

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