I don’t know why, but I love projects with up-cycled men’s shirts. And I recently came across a tutorial on Pinterest for some adorable little pouches made from the cuff of a shirt. Aren’t these super-cute?


On that same day, Lola lost her first tooth, which, of course, was a big event around our house.

So, right away, we decided to make a little Tooth Fairy pouch using the same shirt cuff technique.

Click here to see the original tutorial I found on the shirt cuff pouches. The basic instructions are simply to carefully cut the cuff off of a shirt as closely to the edge as possible…

After that’s done, add an appliqué for embellishment if you so choose. We cut a small tooth out of white felt and just stitched it on with a little red thread.

Lastly, just fold the cuff together and sew up the two sides to form the pouch. One of the simplest and quickest sewing projects ever!

A Tooth Fairy Pouch is the perfect size to hold a little tooth securely under a pillow so that the Tooth Fairy can be sure to find it and leave a little surprise!

Here’s how it all works, illustrated by Lola herself:

We had so much fun with the Tooth Fairy pouch, we decided to make a few more appliqués as well! Lily designed and sewed the apple for herself.

And, of course, we had to make a mustache…


Try Heat ‘n Bond with fabric to make a great iron-on letter!  (Find it here via my affiliate link.)

These are the perfect size for holding money, a few crayons, chapstick, or even an iPod.

Make these with your kids for a great summer craft. And if you’re looking for more Men’s Shirt projects, click on the links below!