Well, it’s January, and like most of the rest of the world, I’ve been doing my share of organizing around this house. I finally got motivated to tackle my closet the other day & ended up with a pile of old sweaters ready to go to Goodwill. Then, I got inspired.I saw this great tutorial on how to make a Coffee Cozy & decided I would recycle one of my old sweaters & try one for myself. So much fun! And adorable, too.I followed the basic directions given in the tutorial & used the pattern provided, but since I was using a sweater, I made a couple of changes:First, I cut my sweater piece & my coordinating fabric about a half inch bigger than the pattern all around to allow for the bulkiness of the sweater fabric.Also, I omitted the batting, as I knew the sweater would be insulation enough.And one other reminder: when using a cut sweater for a project like this, be careful not to handle the pieces too much before sewing, as it will start to unravel right away. If you find it unravels too quickly, you can stitch around the raw edges to help hold it together before using it.I’m not a knitter, but I love the look of knitted pieces, and I’m guessing this is probably a quicker way to get that knitted look! I love mine & I’m thinking I need to get to Starbucks right away to show it off. Looking for a great gift for a friend or teacher? How cute would this be wrapped around a Starbucks cup with a gift card tucked inside?And what about a big heart button for Valentine’s Day? Adorable! So, go thru your old sweaters before you haul them off to Goodwill! Recycling has never been so cute.I’ll share this with a few of these parties… Check them out for more free inspiration!